Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus

Two AAA size battery-operated apparatus; batteries included, convenient for trips anywhere worldwide
BV: 98.00
Total: $210.00
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Note: Qi balancer & blood circulative massager or Jiajun Pressure Lowering Device is/was also known as Jiajun Apparatus for Reducing Blood Pressure. 

It is a two AAA size battery-operated apparatus - batteries included.

Jiajun Pressure Lowering Device was originally designed to control high blood pressure by stimulating acupuncture points on the scalp. This award-winning bioelectric apparatus is now found by some to have a reverse effect with seborrheic alopecia (balding) and has been very beneficial for some with pain relief. Its operation intergrades with Chinese old theory on physical channels, drainage that reaches the purpose of health protection and recovery. Successfully marketed by clinics in many countries, such as Russia, France, China and Turkey. For the past few years, it has marked curative effect on many usual diseases, such as a headache, hair-loss, asthma, toothache, stomach, intestinal diseases, nephropathy, rheumatism arthritic pain, liver diseases and spleen by interpreting with different treatment methods. Treatment takes about 3-5 minutes.

The human physiological function depends on the electricity circuit in the body. The blockage of the circuit may cause imbalance and many diseases. 

Jiajun Pressure Lowering Device is one of the worlds recognized high-quality device, in which it is able to treat diseases by balancing the bio-electricity. It’s the integration of modern science and ancient Chinese theory of meridian and collateral to keep these channels fluent, which is essential in diseases prevention.

Outstanding characteristics of product

  1. Light and handy. Without magnetic and additional electric power, can be used anytime, anywhere. 
  2. Large contact area does not need to aim at specific points accurately since the point is within coverage. 
  3. Immediate effect within 3-5 minutes. 
  4. Helps maintain healthy blood pressure. 
  5. Similar to massage and treatment of “guasa” when combing. 
  6. Pure green treatment without any side effect.

Jiajun Pressure Lowering Device has been designed to strengthen weak human body current. Making use of the instrument’s 21 special leading treatment cog tips effects detection, magnetization and stimulation, strengthening and balancing the body’s close circuit.

  1. It regulates and reduces high blood pressure. 
  2. It combats heart diseases – angina pectoris, chest suffocation and brain vessel problems. 
  3. It clears mental blockages. It renews memory faculty and promotes mental retention. 
  4. It helps the liver and clears pancreas inflammation and liathosis. 
  5. It relieves shoulder pains and neck pains caused by unsuitable pillows and stress. 
  6. It helps relieve arthritis, rheumatism, waist and back aches. 
  7. It helps the flexibility of coronary artery convulsion. 
  8. It clears dizziness and relieves a headache, tiredness and nervous stress. 
  9. It helps thickening and darkening hair, promoting shiny hair texture 
  10. Using the smooth metal base on the face three times a day for a month rejuvenates dead facial cells.

All you need to do is replacing your regular comb with this unique biophysical apparatus and comb your scalp from front to back slowly 3 times a day. When gently brushed over the skin regularly, it may also promote fairer and smoother skin texture and may reduce lines and wrinkles.