Grape Seed Extract Capsules

Content: 60 capsules, each 0.45 g
BV: 57.60
Total: $99.00
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Food supplement with vitamin C, chicory fructo-oligosaccharides, grape seed extract rich in oligomeric-proanthocyanidins and resveratrol, as well as black pepper extract, standardized to piperine. Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to the normal function of the immune system. It also facilitates normal collagen formation for the proper function of blood vessels and skin. Free radicals are molecules, most often of oxygen, which have one or more unpaired electrons. Acting to pair or lose the unpaired electrons, they become highly chemically reactive.  They oxidise any compound with which they come in contact. This way they can damage cellular structures, for example membranes, enzymes, nucleic acids or structural proteins. This leads to premature ageing of the body and low immunity.

The balance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body is crucial for our health. Often however, we voluntarily destroy this balance by smoking, too much sunbathing, leading a stressful life or through bad eating habits. Antioxidants can help in the battle against free radicals. TIENS Grape Extract is a rich source of many such substances.

The common grape vine (Vitis vinifera L.) also known as the European grape vine is one of the longest-cultivated plants, known for many thousands of years. Scientific research has shown the presence of numerous beneficial substances not only in the fruit of the vine but also in their seeds. They contain lipids (including linoleic and oleic acids), proteins, polyphenols (among them catechins, procyanidins and phenolic acids) as well as carbohydrates.

An exceptionally precious ingredient of red grapes, their seeds and the red wines produced from them is one of the polyphenols — resveratrol. It is an ingredient appreciated not only in medicine, but also in biotechnology and cosmetology. The cardiovascular health benefits of resveratrol have been confirmed by many scientific studies. Thanks to this science, Tiens has created a unique product that has been appreciated all over the world. The beneficial effect shows also other components of the extract: flavonoids (such as quercetin), linoleic and oleic acids.