Ti-Energy Bracelet (Crystal Black Men's Edition)

Circumference: 209 mm, (model for men)
BV: 56.00
Total: $129.00
Total discount:
Crystal Black-Men-01

The Tiens Ti-energy bracelet with embodied titanium and combined with magnet therapy is useful in treating unbalancing positive and negative ions in the human body. It can effectively relieve physical aches and pains, reduce blood viscosity and acidity, and promote blood circulation and effectively resist environmental radiation.

What is titanium?
Titanium has super strength, high chemical stability and excellent biocompatibility. It is the only metal that has no adverse effect on the human autonomic system and taste system and definitely does not cause any allergy. Titanium is called "pro-bio-metal" in medicine. It is not toxic or harmful to human body and never reacts with the muscle or bone of the human body, so it is widely used in medical devices as well as artificial joint, heart valve and teeth root, etc.

Efficacy of Titanium
Medical studies have shown that titanium has the ability to regulate the body's currents through cell ionization, making it the natural killer for electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, adjustment of the body current improves blood circulation, and the increased blood flow, in turn, helps eliminate fatigue, factors and the agents in the blood generated by pain, which is beneficial to both physical and mental health.

  1. Adjust the bio-current of the human body to promote blood circulation and physical performance;
  2. Relieve the sore parts of the body, elevate muscle stiffness, and dispel fatigue;
  3. Stimulate the flow of blood to eliminate the pain and fatigue factors in blood;
  4. Effectively relieve the pain in joint, cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, and relieve a headache and climacteric syndrome, etc.

What is a magnet?
The earth itself is a giant magnet. Human beings are under the effects of geomagnetic yield all the time. Just like air, water and sunshine, geomagnetism is one of the indispensable elements that the human life depends on. Under the impact of the geomagnetic field, the human body has a magnetic field of its own. Tests show that the heart, lungs, brain, muscle and nerves in the human body all have micro-magnetic fields of certain degrees. However, changes are the global environment, the fast pace of life and high mental stress have inevitably led to disorders in some people's magnetic field. Researchers have found that the complementary magnetic physical therapy can prevent disease and improve health.

Tiens Ti-energy bracelet contains a highly efficient magnet with natural energy, whose magnetic field can regulate and balance negative and positive ions in the human body, and thus achieve multiple effects such as increased blood flow, higher blood oxygen and enhanced immunity.

Health effects of magnet

  1. Enhance immunity, and alleviate fatigue;
  2. Adjust abnormal bio-currents and magnetic fields in the human body;
  3. Reduce the production of free radicals and slow down the ageing process.

Improvement after wearing the bracelet
With the constant regulating of positive and negative ions in the body blood circulation will speed up, causing possible bead aches or minor, fevers. In accordance with the physical constitution of each person, their physical responses will be different, possibly experiencing headaches or nausea. These reactions are natural phenomena caused by the internal automatic regulating of positive and negative ions.

When wearing the bracelet, some people may experience certain reactions while others will not. This is normal because people with different physical constitutions have different sensitivity to positive and negative ions. In general, the bracelet has more evident effects on people with physical aches and pains.

Suitable for the people who:

  1. Work at the desk for a long time, have a bad blood circulation and get pain numbness in lumbar vertebra and cervical vertebra;
  2. Suffer high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and high glucose;
  3. Are often exposed to the radiation computers and cell phones;
  4. Suffer great pressure from work and study, mental stress and forgetfulness;
  5. Are subject to hypo-immunity, fatigue and cold, and always felt the hands and feel icy cold;
  6. Have poor sleep and living habits, especially those who often stay up late;
  7. Suffer soreness and pain in muscle for too much exercise

Unsuitable for people who
In the period of chemo-treatment of surgery recovery, implanted with devices like a cardiac pacemaker, have obvious wound wrist where the bracelet is worn or pregnant, etc.


  1. Take off the bracelet when bathing or putting hands into any liquid to ensure the longevity of functional practices;
  2. Avoid scrape of collision of the bracelet with other hand materials which may cause damage;
  3. In normal conditions, the bracelet can be used together with a wristwatch, cellphone or magnetic card, but should not be in touch them for a long time;
  4. Prevent the unattended children from accidentally swallowing the bracelet.

Effect of the Experiment of Electric Charge

  1. Change in Human body
    The bracelet can help its wearer adjust the chaotic electric current and stabilize the current to ensure its flow in order in the human body. Softer muscle and better blood circulation will expand the capillaries, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue and stiffness, sameness and pain in muscle as well as notably eliminate the discomfort in the body.
  2. Drawing of Experiment on Muscle relief and Blood Flow
    According to the experiment, in thirty minutes after the working of the magnetic field of titanium on the back, the body temperature will rise, the muscle of the back will relieve and the blood will flow smoothly. The generated heat will have two aspects of influence firstly, the heat increase in the part of the human body will relieve the muscle and stimulate the blood to flow, which can help the body; secondly, the heat may prevent the terminal nerve to send the sign of pain to the brain.
  3. Effect of the Experiment on Changes of Brain Wave
    The measured showed that the negative ions can effectively a wave, build up the human body and improve concentration.
  4. Drawing of Experiment on Measurement of Human Body Temperature Change
    The quantity of heat generated by the human body is determined by the blood flowing below skin: when the flowing blood increases, the body temperature will rise and vice verse. The measured result showed that a temperature on the surface of skin implies the improvement of blood circulation.
  5. Effect of the Experiment on Changes in Blood
    Accumulation of red blood cells and viscous blood before wearing the bracelet
  6. Dispersion of red blood cells and pure blood after wearing the bracelet
    Such products, electronics, tobacco, alcohol and greasy food can lead to the accumulation of the red blood cells and raise blood viscosity. But after wearing this product, the positive and negative ions within the body can be balanced, the red blood cells can be dispersed and the blood can be purified.