The Tiens website gives you the opportunity to purchase the products of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM as usually abbreviated) and information on how to improve health using TCM.

This webpage is intended for all those:

  • who look for alternative ways of dealing with health problems,
  • who want to rid their bodies of stress, free radicals and adverse effects of chemicals, chemotherapy and radiation,
  • who have long-term health problems, which they could not yet deal with, or incipient health problems in different parts of the body, and they want to get rid of them using supplements made from natural products,
  • who wish to improve positive or desirable long-term effects of drugs used, or
  • they want to get rid of undesirable side or toxic effects of long-term use of drugs.

It offers solutions through unique natural products of the Chinese Tiens Company (Tianshi).

Have you suffered a serious illness? And do you intend to recover your weakened body and regain its original condition, or simply look for an effective and comprehensive detoxification of the body?

You cannot deal with some health problems? Are you looking for a solution using natural products, do you have enough of use of synthetic products with lots of side effects?

Click the name of a particular disease or weakened part of the body and consequently a basic treatment proposal to solve this problem pops up including medical preparations applicable for improving your condition.

Or, contact us for advice and we will advise you to set up a cure or treatment to improve your condition in compliance with your specific needs. Your questions and respective answers will not be published unless you wish so. Give your email address and we will reply as soon as possible. Your anonymity and privacy is our policy and accordingly respected.

Furthermore, on this page you may find:

  • Products of ancient Chinese medicine, a description of their effects and how to use them. You can purchase them online and get them delivered across the country, or even abroad.
  • Counselling where you may find answers to health issues while tackling these problems. You may also ask questions! If you leave your phone number or email address, it will surely not remain unanswered.
  • Interesting health related information and Traditional Chinese Medicine – information about the time of greatest activity of various parts of the human body (refer to organ clock).