Grape Extract Capsules

Content: 60 capsules, each 0.45 g
BV: 57.60
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Tianshi Vigour Rousing is a natural plan bioflavonoid that strengthens and protects living tissues. Vigour Rousing is a powerful natural grape plant extract that eliminates free radicals, clears clogged arteries and blood vessels. Vigour rousing is a super anti-oxidant of which the main chemical is called Resveratrol, a biochemical substance found in red grapes which act as a natural antidote to cancer and free radicals, long ago implicated to premature ageing.

Your body needs help in fighting the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are associated with degenerative diseases, but anti-oxidants, a class of polyphenols are found in ripened fruits and vegetables, particularly red grapes. They need this natural protection at the peak of ripeness to protect them by slowing the process of decomposition. Resveratrol and Oligosaccharides are known to be excellent free radical scavenger anti-oxidants. Have you heard of the French paradox? The French consume more red wine than all Europeans and Americans put together yet they suffer less heart attack and cancer. A research has since shown that their saving grace is Resveratrol in the wine.

The French are not necessarily known for a low calorie and low cholesterol cuisine. But even with their rich cuisine, they are often vibrant till old age. This fact is often called the „French secret".
Scientists have now discovered that red wine - so popular in France - contains antioxidants that work as a free radical scavenger and are supporting normal functioning of the immune system.

Tiens Grapevine Extract Capsule is made from quality grape extract as the main ingredient and it is refined with modern biotechnology. It can regulate the blood fat; prevent atherosclerosis; Anti-oxidized, delay aged; Regulate immunity of the body.

TIENS Grape Seed Extract Huo Li Kang capsules are carefully processed through a modern bioengineering method and only grapes of the highest quality are used in its production. They help naturally to maintain the youth of your arteries and enhance circulatory well-being.

TIENS Grape Seed Extract also facilitates the metabolism of fat.
These free radicals enter our bodies through numerous and varied means. Stress, smoking, pharmaceuticals, food additives, X-rays, pollution, exercise and many more. The solution to free radical damage is Antioxidants. They are your body's defence against the destructive qualities of free radicals.

These capsules are made from grapevines. Their active ingredient is resveratrol, extracted through the use of modern biotechnology processes. Researchers found that resveratrol is a very powerful antioxidant; even more powerful than vitamins C and E. Research also discovered the broad-spectrum activity of resveratrol includes fighting carcinogens and preventing heart diseases and tumour formation.

Grape Seed Extract Huo Li Kang is the 3rd generation of healthcare food. The product was awarded a Gold Medal during the New Health Products Exposition in Chongqing, China in 2000, and a Gold Medal at the 5th Kunming Healthcare Foods in 2001 for its quality and effectiveness.


  • It strengthens the heart and the muscles surrounding it and prevents heart diseases. It improves sexual competence and sex drive, strengthens erections, prevents premature ejaculation.
  • It is good against fibroid and ovarian cysts.
  • It reduces arteriosclerosis and blood lipids.

It acts as an anti-oxidant protector of watery areas in and around cells and in body fluids.

Ingredients: Starch, Extract of grape seed (Vitis vinifera), Anti-caking agent magnesium stearate.


  • To naturally maintain arterial health;
  • Enhances well-being;
  • Aiding antioxidant protection;
  • Aids fat metabolism;
  • Grape seed extract that keeps your blood thin and heart healthy;
  • A Dietary supplement containing Resveratrol.


  • Contributes to cardioprotective action;
  • Provides a herbal support system to the heart;
  • Prevents thrombus (clot) formation;
  • Effectively removes free radicals due to smoking;
  • Resveratrol reduces colon carcinogenesis and increases the action of antiviral drugs;
  • Enables to withstand stroke or brain injuries.

Who Grape Extract Capsules is suitable for?

  • Middle-aged people (>=40 years old);
  • People with high blood fat;
  • People with high food fat for a long period;
  • People with high blood pressure;
  • Lacking blood for cardiac muscle.

Dosage: 2 capsules (in empty stomach) with warm water / twice or tree time a day.