DiCHO Universal Laundry Detergent

Content: 1 L
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DiCHO Universal Laundry Detergent is ideal for washing coloured clothes. It takes care of and restores faded colours.

Thanks to the innovative stain removing power and mix of protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase enzymes, the liquid wipes off such troublesome dirt. Lipases are enzymes that specifically attack fats and oils. They are effective in removing persistent fat stains e.g. from butter, salad oil, sauces and the tough stains on collars and cuffs, even at lower washing temperatures. Amylase enzymes, in nature breaking sugar bonds, help to get rid of starch-based food residues like candies, jelly and chocolate stains. Protease enzymes allow for easy removal of protein-based stains such as grass stains, or even stubborn stains like blood. Enzymes help speed and increase the performance of laundry cleaning, also remove stains and increase whiteness.

Lanolin added to DiCHO Universal Laundry Detergent acts like a lubricant, protecting fibres from getting damaged in a laundry and leaving them soft. It is used in the detergent to protect skin from the drying out. Lanolin, a thick and greasy substance in nature, can absorb more than 200% of its weight in water to bind it and form stable emulsion film. In nature, animals produce lanolin in order to protect their wool and skin against harsh climate and the environment, for example getting wet and cold.

DiCHO Universal Laundry Detergent has a wonderful, fresh fragrance that remains long after washing.

Directions for use

For medium loads or lightly-soiled clothes, pour one and a half cap into the washer.

For large loads or heavily soiled clothes, use two caps and then wash on the appropriate cycle.

DiCHO household series

Thanks to a highly concentrated formula, all DiCHO products are very efficient. They easily deal with any type of stains, while their concentrated formula makes them easy on our pocket. In DiCHO detergents ginger rhizome extract is used as a surface disinfectant and laundry antibacterial agent. All detergents are completely safe for the environment because they are 100% biodegradable. DiCHO liquids do not contain phosphates or any artificial colorants.