Aprotie Circe Smooth Up Intensive Serum

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Age-related hormonal changes, stress, smoking, air pollution, bad diet and UV radiation can negatively affect the condition of the female skin. It loses its firmness and starts to age. The active ingredients of the intense smoothing serum reinforce the process of skin regeneration effectively postponing skin ageing.

The structure of the skin attests to its youthful and healthy look. When well-nourished and hydrated, it is smooth, glowing and better reflects light. With age, unhealthy lifestyle and due to unfavourable external factors (air pollution, UVA and UVB radiation) the skin starts to become dry, and its pores begin to be more visible. Above all, its natural ability self-regeneration slows down. Aprotie Circe Smooth Up Intensive Serum concentrates on solving these problems. Thanks to the combination of active ingredients (vitamin A in microcapsules, astaxanthin, EGF, polyphenols), the product works not only on the outer layer of the skin but also reaches its deeper layers.

Vitamin A is a known antioxidant, however, it is fairly quickly degraded by light and high temperature. In order to retain its activity on the skin, TIENS has employed microcapsule technology. As a result, the applied product initially works on the epidermis, smoothing it, and then reaches deeper layers of the skin aiding their regeneration. Vitamin A protects the proteins responsible for skin’s firmness and elasticity from degradation, hence exhibiting anti-wrinkle action. The remaining ingredients of the serum improve skin’s metabolism and protect DNA postponing the effects of ageing.

Repairs skin

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Improves skin elasticity
Skin is smooth like silk after two weeks
Microencapsulated Vitamin A
Capsule transports unstable vitamin A to the inner layers of skin
Vitamin A penetrates the skin

Benefits for the skin

Accelerated skin metabolism 
Reversed signs of ageing 
Improved skin elasticity
3 ingredients repairing DNA


Microencapsulated Astaxanthin
Plan derived natural red component which protects skin from UV induced DNA damage
It has 1000 times more ability to protect and nourish the skin than Vitamin E.


Cell Growth Factor
EFG – Epidermal Growth Factor works to promote the synthesis and reproduction of skin cell DNA to form healthy skin


Refined Tea Polyphenol Oil
It inhibits the active oxygen generated by UV radiation to protect DNA and cell membranes in inner skin layers

Use day and night gently massaging it into your skin, especially in the eyes and lip areas

Apply after cleansing, toning.

Then apply and APROTIE CIRCE Lift Up Face Cream.