Aprotie Circe Lift Up Face Cream

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    1. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    2. Improves facial contour
    3. Firms the skin
    4. Gives you younger look
    5. 3 exceptional plant extracts offer unique anti-ageing benefits
    6. Rye placenta
    7. Improves skin activity, brightens skin, smoothes skin, makes skin delicate

    Skincare ingredients (cell growth factors and plant peptides)

    1. Support skin self-repair, reverse skin damages, brighten skin, protect from UV rays
    2. Gooseberry and arbutin
    3. Reduce reproduction of melatonin, brighten skin, Give healthy, radiant look
    4. Essential oils give additional skin care benefits
    5. Refined tea polyphenol oil
    6. Protects against free radicals, antibacterial, keeps skin young looking
    7. Organic argan oil
    8. Protects against free radicals, protects against UV rays, keeps skin fair and smooth, essential oils give additional skin care benefits
    9. Organic jojoba oil
    10. Moisturizes skin, nourishes skin (contains vitamin E, minerals and amino acids), leaves skin supple and smooth
    11. Essential oils
    12. Mixture of rose, jasmine and orange

    Skin care benefits

    1. Relaxing and aromatherapeutic effect
    2. Use day and night for a perfect looking skin
    3. Apply after cleansing, toning and applying

    APROTIE CIRCE Smooth Up Intensive Serum

    1. Fragrance-free
    2. No colorants, no mineral oils, no preservatives, no alcohol


    Women 40+ who want to:

    1. reverse signs of ageing
    2. enjoy young skin longer
    3. feel young and attractive

    Women 25+ who want to:

    1. protect their skin from ageing
    2. invest in the young look, and
    3. keep it for long years, and
    4. avoid age-related skin problems in the future