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Dear customers,

We are proud to announce the resumption of TIENS activities and operation in the territory of North America. The reopening of the distribution center is in process and may take some time. Nevertheless, we are capable of meeting your demands and respond to your orders from our current warehouse/distribution center in the United Kingdom. Consequently, some deliveries may be delayed therefore you are kindly requested to have patience with possible delivery delays. Registration of potential distributors is possible only after the distribution center in the North America is established and opened. Until then, wish us best luck in this our endeavor.

Please, do not misunderstand, that even though our utmost intention is to open a distribution center, there is no money or payment transaction in question at all in the territory of the United States nor in the Northern America. It is the forwarding service only which may be involved only, and again we accentuate, with no money and payment transaction, or profit deducted. This is the EU based centre that covers every single business transaction.

ATTENTION - note that our team communicates in writing in all above indicated languages - see the flags. Nevertheless, the ordering process is exclusively in English, follow it to place your orders. Feel free to contact us with any questions. You will receive replies in the language of your inquiry.